The harvester
Our Advertising Rates
and Distribution areas
Tioga, Nd
This paper goes to: Tioga, Ray, Epping, Powers
Lake, Columbus, Wild Rose, White Earth, Sherwood,
Lignite, Crosby,
Stanley (about 500 papers), Williston
200 papers), Westby, MT, and Glasgow,
Mt(about 50 papers).
 Our total readership in the Tioga area is about
loyal readers.
Minot. ND
This edition is distributed throughout Minot.
The total readership in Minot is currently about
10,000 loyal readers.
Our Advertising Rates:
Our standard classified ads are $7.00 per
week, or if you pay for 3 weeks ($21) then
you get the fourth week free.
If your "FOR SALE" item is less than $300
then your ad is free.

For our display ad rates call Scott at
or send me an email at:
or click the "email us" link.