The harvest publishing co.
Here is an Opportunity to Own Your Own "the harvester" Weekly Paper
    We are looking for people who want to start up their own paper in their area.
We will help you get started up, train you up, and do everything that we can to ensure
that you succeed.
 Our success depends upon your success, so we will be with you
every step of the way.  
    It does not matter where you live; this opportunity can come to you.

   With our program, you can start out by being our sales representative and liaison
in your
local area.  All you would need to start is a computer, a connection to the
internet, transportation, an ability to approach and talk to people,
motivation and a
positive attitude.

   You would go out and solicit sales for advertising, providing as much or as little of
the ad design and set up as you feel comfortable with.  You would start out with a
basic commission on your sales
, which would be based upon your involvement with
the process.
   You would also be responsible for setting up locations that are willing to let us
distribute our paper in their facility, such as restaurants, offices, etc....any place
where people are waiting.  We have found that there is usually very little problem with
people allowing us to place our paper in their facility, as it is doing them and their
customers a service by providing their customers with something to do while waiting.
   As you become comfortable with the process, and are able to do your own
advertising, your commission will go up, relative to how much of the process you are
nvolved in.
   When you a
rrive at the point where you and Harvest Publishing mutually feel that
you are ready to take over the paper in your area, we will enter into a contract with
, where you will be the publisher in your local area.  We will sell you the rights to
use our name, and you,
the publisher (in your selected area), will then be responsible
for the advertising, printing and distribution, and customer service.
Harvest Publishing, will provide you with the materials and stories, and the
format and basic set up of the paper every week.

Contact Scott or Kay Littrell
Box 939
Tioga, ND. 58852
701-664-4007 or 360-223-1265
Or you can email us at:
This is an excellent opportunity for a family, or a semi-retired couple in a small community,
looking to supplement their income while providing a service to their community;  

or for a motivated couple in a larger community seeking  to grow, and build their own
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