The harvest Publishing co.
    The Harvest Publishing Company Believes in the one true God; and His Son, Jesus Christ, who came to
the earth and died on the cross at the hand of sinners, shedding His blood, to be the perfect sacrifice for
the sins of all the world, so that whosoever believes in Him and calls on His name should inherit eternal life
in the Kingdom of God.
  While we are looking for works, fiction or non-fiction, based on a faith in God, we are not limited to
material of a religious nature.  We do, however, reserve the right to reject any work which we would
consider to be offen
sive, or to contradict our principles of faith.

We have two programs available for authors.
 You may submit your work for our consideration in our full sponsorship program.
  If we believe that your work will be successful, and we would be willing to sponsor your book, The
Harvest Publishing Company will enter into a contract with you, the author; and we will publish your book,
make it available to the public, and market it through means that we feel best suit your particular book. All
at our own expense.
 You, the author, will receive royalties based on proceeds of sales, of between 8 and 15 percent of the
gross proceeds.

  If we do not feel that the work you have submitted is something that The Harvest Publishing Company
would be willing to sponsor, we have a 'self publishing' program available.
  The author would be responsible for the immediate costs of the set up, and printing.  The Harvest
Publishing Company will provide an ISBN, marketing assistance, cover design, and editing services.
   In exchange for your initial investment covering the set up and production, The Harvest Publishing
Company will pay royalties of from 14 to 30 percent, based on gross proceeds of sales.
The Harvest Publishing Company still reserves the right to reject any work which we
consider offen
sive, or would refute our basic principles of faith.

    You may submit your work
via e-mail to the link below.
  We accept text, but would
prefer a PDF file or a Word
  We will not make a decision
based on a sample, or a partial
work, but you are more than
welcome to submit a sample for
our consideration.